Palacio de Gobierno

Today we paid a quick visit to see the murals inside the Palacio de Gobierno.




In Mayan belief, at the beginning of the world there were two creator Gods: Gucumatz and Tepeu. These gods decided to create earth out of the primordial sea. Once the earth was created, the gods populated it with animals, but they soon realized that animals were unable to speak and therefore could not worship them. So the Gods created humans. This generation of humans was made out of mud, and so were weak and were soon destroyed.


As a second attempt, the gods created men from wood and women from rushes. These humans populated the world and procreated, but they soon forgot their gods and were punished with a flood. The few who survived were transformed into monkeys.

Finally, the gods decided to mold mankind from maize. This generation, which includes the present human race, is able to worship and nourish the gods.



Other murals in the palace depict other moments in the story of the Mayan people, including their oppression during Spanish rule. It is well worth a visit to see these impressive murals, it gave me a greater insight into the history of the Maya and Yucatan.




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