Cenote Yaal Utzil

I’ve now been twice to this lovely cenote near the village of Abalá, about an hour from Mérida. It is my absolute favourite cenote so far because it is so open and light and tucked well away.


It is quite hard to find but you’ll be rewarded by having this incredible spot all to yourselves (ok, maybe you’ll have to share with a few local kids or scuba divers, but you get the idea!). You need to drive out of Abala to the East for about 7km. When you get to the tiny settlement Mucuyche de Peon, ask for the cenote or find it 100m down a white dirt track on your left. There’ll be a man there who will charge you 10 pesos.

The water is a deep, deep blue and the sunlight dances on the surface making it glitter. Its surrounded by vegetation and beautiful trees hang over the edge creating shade. It really is a magical place.

You could spend all day here, swimming, diving off the rocks and platforms and eating the empanadas and other little snacks that the local women will sell you. They also usually have some cold beers and soft drinks if you get thirsty.

image 2

Ricardo practicing slack line across the cenote



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