Mexican Cooking Class

Our Spanish teacher, Laura, also happens to be an amazing cook. So this week, in place of our normal conversation class, we did a cookery class.

We cooked mole (in the photo above) and adobo (below) – both turned out to be DELICIOUS.

We started by making a basic mole (using literally too many ingredients to begin to write down) and then separated it into two parts. We then added chocolate to the mole and to make the adobo we just added freshly squeezed orange juice.

These two simple ingredients totally transformed the two sauces into two totally different and completely delicious dishes. We served the adobo with sautéed potatoes, lime peel and golden bread and the mole with fried banana and pistachio nuts.

WOW. I don’t think I will ever eat anything else. Thanks Laura!



Adobo con papas
Adobo con papas

There are many, many variations on mole – depending on the ingredients added to the basic sauce. I really recommend looking up a recipe and having a go! Your taste buds won’t regret it.

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