El Corchito

Yesterday I visited El Corchito, an ecological park right next to Progreso where you can find three beautiful cenotes and a whole bunch of naughty racoons to entertain you whilst you soak up the wonderfully natural surroundings.





El Corchito is overseen by a fishermen cooperative that has taken on the task of cleaning and refurbishing the area without changing the environment. The aim of this cooperative is to turn this area into a place of coexistence and  encounter with nature. As its members like to say, they have dedicated themselves to observe and follow the rules set by the “Great Architect” in order to preserve this place.

To enter this ecological park, you have to take a raft and cross a river. Once inside, a path among mangroves will lead you around four cenotes open to the public where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the clear waters, surrounded by trees and palms!




The cheeky gang of racoons are fun to watch and we made pretty good friends with a few of them (you should’t really feed the racoons – but seeing as they were diving into the rubbish bins and generally harassing the bathers, we thought it wouldn’t harm them to eat a crisp).




    1. jesllo

      You can find the parking lot and boats after driving for about 2km on the Progreso-Chicxulub road. The cost is about 25 pesos. It is open 8-5 every day. Thanks for visiting Yucatantastic!


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