Tulum – beach and archeological site

Tulum is the perfect recipe for a memorable place; impressive Mayan ruins perching on rocky outcrops overlooking a ridiculously turquoise sea? Yes please. Add to that recipe the stunning vistas, hordes of curious iguanas, enchanting engravings and chance to relax on pristine white sandy beaches, and you’ve got yourself a winner.




Standing in Tulum it isn’t hard to imagine the city full of life, with boats coming and going. It is also easy to envision the Spanish arriving just off shore and nervously seeing the impressive walls of the Mayan city, which, much to my delight, apparently reminded them of beautiful Sevilla, a place very special for me.

Playing hide and seek with this sneaky iguana



The day I visited this January was quite windy and overcast, for Riviera standards. But when I came two years ago it was gorgeous sunny weather and we spent a few days enjoying some of the best beaches in the world…..(with a disposable camera!) Highly recommended.

CNV00021 (2)

CNV00022 (2)

Just a quick final note – I would definitely advise getting to the ruins as early in the morning as possible to avoid the crowds, especially in peak season. It isn’t a big archeological site and it can feel quite crowded after 11am.

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