Valladolid ; la perla del oriente

Valladolid is such a charming town.

It’s the kind of place you might arrive in only expecting to stay the day but somehow you end up being there an entire week.

Positioned halfway between Merida and Cancun, its pastel coloured colonial streets, stunning church, time-is-stopped-but-thats-ok atmosphere and wealth of nearby attractions all make Valladolid my new favourite place.





Just an adorable family portrait
Just an adorable family portrait

The market was beautiful and full of treats; we had the most delicious Sunday morning breakfast of tortas de cochinita at a stall there. Browsing the sweet treats which are unique to Valladolid left me with a serious case of ‘eyes bigger than stomach’ and don’t get me started on the longaniza, a special sausage served with tortillas, beans and rice. Its a local speciality that is seriously worth a taste – I defy you to eat it once and not order it again every day of your visit.








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