Santa Ana, Mérida: the way food should be enjoyed

Panuchos, salbutes, papadzules, cochinita pibil, poc-choc, sopa de lima…..Yucatan is a paradise for those of us who like our food hearty, homemade, traditional and above all, delicious. The list of local delicacies is endless. The variety is enormous and the tastes phenomenally satisfying.

One of the best places to sample well-cooked Yucatecan cuisine is in Parque Santa Ana in downtown Mérida.



Go on a Sunday morning and find the park buzzing with life; this is the place to come for an indulgent and lazy Sunday morning breakfast. Loved by locals and visitors alike, in the park you will find a long row of local stands selling tasty and cheap Yucatecan eats. You can eat like a king for under £2.50.



I love to go on any morning off, order myself an agua de melon and a torta and sit and watch the hustle of city life happen around me. Like life in Mérida in general, the experience is at once relaxing and full-paced.


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