San Benito – a coastal paradise

I was very lucky to be invited to a week on one of Yucatan’s most lovely beaches.

San Benito is a stretch of beach about 15 minutes drive East of the port of Progreso. It is far less developed than other parts of the coast and offers complete tranquility and beaches where you might not see another person all day long.

The water is sparkling blue, the sand is white, the palms are shady and the vibe is completely chilled.


We stayed in a beautiful, modern house right on the beach.



Every day for lunch we enjoyed delicious ceviche and fish bought fresh from the harbour or the door-to-door fishermen who came past in the mornings. Being prepared food for a week by a Mexican family on holiday is, quite frankly, heaven.

image 3

Our week consisted mostly of poolside beer drinking, beach playing, sea swimming and food sharing.


We were brave enough once or twice to venture out of our paradise enclave. One night we visited the fair in neighbouring Chicxulub and enjoyed delicious marquesitas, table football and winning bizarre framed disney posters as prizes for popping balloons.

But yes, mostly we didn’t move off the beach. After a week in San Benito I felt so relaxed that I almost forgot my own name.




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