Casa de los Venados

Tucked away just off the main square of Valladolid, behind an unassuming doorway, is one of the Yucatan’s best kept secrets, for those of us who love art and colour.


Casa de los Venados is a private collection of Mexican folk art, made up of over 3000 pieces, housed in a beautifully restored colonial mansion.

It is owned by two American art collectors, who became enamoured with Mexican folk art and made it their life’s work to create the collection and a house spectacular enough to display it in.




The entire house is covered head to toe in pieces of contemporary Mexican art. Some pieces were special commissions, others found and bought to the house. I loved seeing art and tradition from so many different regions of the country; from Oaxaca to Veracruz, Nuevo Leon to Jalisco.


It is quite spectacular – I didn’t know where to look, my eyes flicking from one piece to another, trying to make sense of the abundance. Everything is beautiful.

A tree of life
A tree of life

The presence of La Catrina (the typical skeletons) was all around


And of course, my favourite, Frida Kahlo

Every single room in the house is full of the most wonderful pieces.


Even if you take away the incredible art, the house itself is a masterpiece. The colonial mansion has been adoringly restored and it is now quite simply stunning.


‘Errrrr….when can I move in?’


I was blown away by the house, the art and the generosity of the owners, John and Dorianne Venator, who open their doors for visitors every day at 10am, asking only for a donation that will go towards small, local charitable organisations.

I’d never heard of Casa de los Venados before, but I’m so glad it was mentioned to me.

It added a mountain of colour to my life!

Casa de los Venados opens for tours in English or Spanish daily at 10am. The address is Calle 40 #204 x 41 col. Centro, Valladolid.

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