Parque de las Americas, Merida

Parque de las Americas is one of my favourite outdoor spaces in Merida. In a city where the hot sun and intense humidity drive people into their AC cocoons, it is so important that there are at least a few parks wonderful enough to lure people outdoors to live the streets of their city.

You can find the park in the colonia Garcia Gineres, only about 10 minutes walk from the famous Fiesta Americana hotel.


It is best when the sun is fading and the park is lit up beautifully, a time when families come out to enjoy the more refreshing hours of Merida’s hot, hot days.


At this time you’ll also encounter the vendors tempting you with a whole array of can’t-say-no snacks. The marquesita is perhaps the queen of Yucatecan snacks. It is the most delicious, sweet thing about Yucatan; rolled up wafer with grated Edam cheese stuffed inside and a choice of fillings, my personal favourite being strawberry jam. True love.



The park is split into four sections, each designed for your personal delight. The first section is for children and play; sea-saws, swings, climbing frames, areas for mini cars and learning to cycle.

(big kids allowed too)


The second section contains a giant acoustic shell, which is used for concerts and theatre. This part of the park is full of elements representing the Maya and wonderful parades of columns that remind us of the ‘Warrior temple’ at Chichen Itza.






In the third section you’ll find the Jose Marti library and in the fourth section a beautiful, serene fountain.





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