Two natural treasures in Pixyah, Tecoh

Finding off-the-beaten-track cenotes isn’t difficult in Yucatan (there are an estimated 6000 undiscovered cenotes in the state) but it does take a little local knowledge, a little perseverance and a car that can survive endless kilometres of farm track.




A few weeks ago a group of friends and I set off in search of some cenotes near a small village called Pixyah, near the town of Tecoh. We were lucky to have amongst us someone who had been to these cenotes before who could lead the way to Pixyah.

Arriving in the pretty village in a two-car convoy, a local boy, probably aged only about 10, offered to show us the way to the cenotes. He jumped into the first car and was invaluable in leading us down what felt like kilometres and kilometres of farm track, opening and closing cattle gates as we went.



The first cenote that we arrived to is called Nayah, and is known for the beams of sunlight that shine down and illuminate the water, above and below the surface, creating a fantastic, magical view for snorkelers and divers.




When we arrived there were some people scuba diving, which made me want to take a scuba course ASAP. Luckily we had a humble pair of goggles and the view from underwater, looking up and down the strong beams of light, was really wonderful. (Again, I’m saving up for my go-pro for exactly these kinds of occasions!)

Nayah is really beautiful; open on one side, crystal clear water, cathedral-like dome and walls and peaceful as anything.

DSC_0037 DSC_0031

After a refreshing hour or so of swimming, floating, jumping and diving, we packed up at Nayah and head off with our little guide in the car to the next beauty.


The next cenote was called Noh-Moson. Arriving the opening looks like this. Just your regular hole in the jungle floor…


…but just a few feet closer and you get this breathtaking view of a true underworld playground:



We had this huge, stunning cenote all to ourselves.




I could’ve spent all day admiring Noh-Moson, floating on my back looking up at the framed jungle-sky. I hope to go back one day when I’m brave enough to jump in from high up.

All in all, Pixyah was brilliant. It offered yet another perfect Sunday exploring the natural beauty of this region. Now, to start planning the next secret spot to discover.



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