A Forgotten Hacienda – Buenavista

Down a dusty track, not far from Valladolid, you might stumble upon this old, forgotten treasure of an hacienda. It’s called Buenavista and in its uncared for state and with its uneven layers, it is the very definition of charming.


We spent a lovely morning at Buenavista not long ago. The hacienda is so different from others in the state, with its large, stone construction and facade.

It stands proudly, having become part of the landscape and its very walls hint at deeply buried secrets and history.


The textures of the building are wonderful. The contrasts are stark.




Hidden in the jungle of the grounds is a mammoth cenote, formed of an imposing cavern; pitch black and ominous. Even the strong Yucatecan sun doesn’t penetrate far inside, only illuminating the entrance path that gradually descends deep down to reach a completely transparent, cold pool of water, which you must enter in the total darkness.




Swimming here is a completely different experience. Without sight, your other senses come alive. Suddenly you can hear the whoooooosh of the bats overhead, feel the precision of the rocks under your feet, taste the humidity of the dark air and smell the coolness of the water.


Above ground again, the sun is startling, but the interior of the hacienda is bright, cool and cosy.


So one day, if you’re lucky, you might find yourself at Buenavista, like I did, amongst the quiet of the past. Maybe you’ll string up your hammock, like I did, to take a nap after a surprising dip in the darkness.


One Comment

  1. Ines

    Hey ! I went there today and I was a bit afraid as I as alone .. do you know if Is it possible to swim ? Was it totally abandonned when you were there ? Inès


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