Cenote Kankirixche

Near to the small town of Abala, you can find this wonderful off-the-beaten-track semi-open cenote. It definitely isn’t easy to find but with a little effort and some good map reading you will find yourselves spending the day at this remote and beautiful spot.

To get there, drive through the town of Abala and keep going for about 8km until you see a small turning on your left under some power lines. Drive down this jungle road until it forks and keep left. After a few hundred meters you will find the cenote. There is usually a man there looking after it who will charge you about 30 pesos.

Alternatively,  as in most little towns with cenotes, if you stop in the plaza you are bound to find someone who will take you there. They will jump in your car or lead the way on a moto. Make sure to pay them nicely and offer some food and water whilst you’re hanging out at the cenote.


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Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 16.19.33

Kankirixche, which means ‘tree of yellow fruit’, is stunning when the light shines down and illuminates the water. If you bring a snorkel, you can go underwater and see the shafts of light reaching down into the deep, deep waters. There’s also lots of opportunities for jumping and diving in as the water is 50m deep!


Bring a packed lunch and some water and spend the day at this perfect spot. Most likely you’ll be the only ones there or with just a few people. Enjoy!

(Be aware that in this area there is very little phone signal! Also, don’t do what we did and take an ‘alternative’ route back to the main road to try and cut time going back to Merida. We ended up on a track with potholes the size of small cars for what felt like miles and miles. There were points in the road where we really didn’t think we’d be able to go forwards or backwards! When we finally got there, we were very relieved to see the main road…)


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