Cenote Azul

On a recent visit to the beautiful Bacalar, aka paradise, I went for the first time to the huge Cenote Azul.



Cenote Azul lies right next to the lagoon, separated only by a thin strip of land, on the South end of the town, at the exit towards Chetumal. From town its a 5 minute drive or taxi ride away.

It is a huge, open cenote – 200 meters in diameter and 90 meters deep. Perfectly round, it is surrounded on all sides by lush vegetation and palms. A rope extends down the middle of the cenote from the restaurant end to the opposite end to help weaker swimmers (me) get out into the very middle or far end of the water where its quite magic being alone swimming along the shore with the trees and plants hanging over you.


At the road entrance there is a lovely family restaurant and bar where we had delicious seafood. I got serious food envy watching my parents eat this ceviche de camaron (having an allergy to shellfish living in Mexico is the absolute WORST). I had a delicious fillet of fish with garlic and rice. Another plus is that the beer isn’t ridiculously priced like it is at other spots like these, at just 25 pesos.

Its a good spot to sit on the grass, platforms or in the bar and sunbath or while away the time whilst enjoying the lovely view. Little fish nibble your feet if you sit still for long enough on the edge!



We spent a relaxing afternoon eating, drinking and swimming in the fresh, beautiful water. I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it 100 times more, but there is no water more beautiful for swimming in than Yucatan cenote water! Its smooth and heavenly.




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