Cenote X’keken

Right next to cenote Samula, in Valladolid, you will find cenote X’keken.

In Mayan x’keken means ‘pig’. The story goes that once upon a time a family’s pig kept escaping and whenever they found it again it was covered in wet mud, even in the dry season. One day, they followed the pig and it led them to the tiny entrance to a cave….when they crawled inside they found cenote xkeken!

This cenote is natural beauty at its finest. Once you’re down inside the cenote you really feel like you’re in the belly of the Earth. Its cool and humid and bats fly by occasionally. The roof of the cave is covered in beautiful stalactites and the water is full of little fish that nibble your toes. There are a couple of holes in the roof where tiny amounts of light stream in. The water is sooooooo refreshing if you’ve been exploring Valladolid in the heat of a Yucatan summer!


The entrance costs 50 pesos.

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