Welcome to my blog!

 My name is Jessica – I’m a British twenty-something with a passion for photography and writing. I came to the Yucatán on a backpacking trip five years ago and never quite left. 

Why? Well, because Yucatán, with its natural beauty, vibrancy and open-hearted people, has stolen my heart over and over again and through this blog I hope to encourage more people to come and get to know the real Yucatán.



I am based in the charming colonial city of Mérida. Rich in history and romantic mystique, Mérida makes the perfect base from which to explore the surrounding areas, the whole peninsula and other parts of Mexico and Central America. 

Every single day I feel exceptionally lucky to be living in this beautiful country and my passion is helping other people to explore this region in more depth.

On this blog you can find photo diaries of my latest adventures as well as what is hopefully some useful information for anybody planning a trip to this beautiful part of the world.

All photos on my site are my own, unless otherwise stated.

Please ask a question or leave a comment and let me know what you think, or catch me on Twitter.




  1. Cristina

    Hello Jessica, are you still in Merida? I’m planning to visit with some friends next month and I would like some suggestions about our plans. Question, if we are coming from Quintana Roo and we only have 4 days to visit what would you recommend to visit? We want to go to 3 different spots and we are driving.
    Of course we like to go to Merida but either stop in different places before we arrive or go to Merida and drive from there.


    1. jessicallo

      Hi Cristina, thanks for your message! Yes, I am still here. For a 4 day visit I would recommend that you stay in Merida for a couple of nights and do a day trip to Uxmal or Celestun, another day just enjoying the city and then also stay in Valladolid on your way over or way back to Quintana Roo. From Valladolid you can see Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and lots of wonderful cenotes! Enjoy your trip in this beautiful state! 🙂


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