Cenote Dzul-Ha

At Hacienda Sotuta de Peon you can find this beautiful underground cenote. Sotuta de Peon is located in the ‘cenote belt’ of Yucatan and apparently there are 8 cenotes on the hacienda’s lands. Dzul-Ha is the only one open to the public, it means ‘gentlemen of the water’ in Mayan.



It isn’t big but it is perfectly formed! The waters are perfectly clear and there are shallow sections and lots of rocks to perch on and enjoy the sounds and magical atmosphere. I visited when it was 40 degrees outside so I definitely appreciated the cool waters!

You’ll visit this cenote as part of the hacienda tour. They give you an hour to enjoy it, which is plenty really. Outside there are changing rooms, bathrooms and a hammock area plus a bar serving delicious cocktails and refreshments!

Because this cenote is completely closed, except for the entrance, it has a grotto-like magical atmosphere, made all the more amazing by the shapes and forms of the rock on the roof and walls of the cenote. It really is like something from another planet!



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