Cenote Samula

Samula cenote is only about a ten minute drive out of Valladolid and is right next to another beautiful one, cenote Xkeken. It costs 30 pesos to enter and you will be rewarded with a completely stunning place to cool off.

When you first see this cenote it will take your breath away. Its really big with fantastic turquoise water and a small hole in the roof of the cavern lets the glorious Yucatecan sunshine flood down and illuminate the crystal clear water. The light is just incredible!


Go early in the morning so that you get the place to yourself as it can get quite busy in the afternoons.

When you’re finished, on the road outside where there are coca cola tables set up, you will find a family selling poc choc. It is delicious! For 40 pesos you get a whole order of tasty meat, beans and tortilla. Definitely a better option than the pricey food they sell inside the cenote complex.


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